Activating and Managing Staff Pages

Activating and Managing Staff Pages

This guide is intended for Web Administrators or users with permission to manage other user accounts and/or pages. 

Activating a Staff Page

Only Web Administrators or users with permission to manage the staff directory or user accounts will be able to access an account to activate a staff page. Activating staff pages for multiple staff at once can be accomplished through an export/import of the staff directory. Contact for assistance. 

  1. Click on the Staff / Users tab
  2. Find and Edit the staff account.
  3. Under the Profile tab, select Yes to display profile.
  4. Can Self Publish Profile Pages allows the user to publish their own staff pages. 
A staff page will not be available from the live site until it has been published.

Profile Options

  1. A profile photo can be uploaded to accompany the staff page.  Click on Select New Image to Upload to add a profile photo.
  2. The Profile Summary area (only visible if activated for the site) is used to short bios that are added to the Staff Cards staff listing block. This normally does not show on the user's staff page unless this behavior is requested for a site. 
  3. Click Save when done. 
  4. Once activated, Staff Pages will be an option in the Settings menu next to a user’s name.
Web Administrators can change the default Profile Picture size category and activate the Profile Summary area in the Configuration Menu>Module Settings>Staff Directory Settings. If it is desired to have the Profile Summary content show on Staff Pages, please contact This can be useful if an organizations wants an easy way for staff to add limited amounts of content to their staff pages and they don't need to add multiple pages or multiple block types to their staff page. 

Managing Other Staff Member's Pages

Find Staff Pages from Page Tree

  1. Click on the Web Pages tab and choose Find Staff Pages from the page tree dropdown to view all staff pages. 
  2. The Staff Pages list will display the names of all staff with profiles activated which the current user has permission to manage. Click a staff member's name to view their profile page tree.

Search Pages

The Search Pages function can also be used to find profile pages.
  1. Click Search Pages to view a list view of all website page. Use the Show Only Staff Pages filter to change the list to only show staff pages.
  2. Click on the users name to view and Edit the profile for that staff member.

Find Staff Pages from the Staff/Users Tab

  1. Click the on the Staff / Users tab.
  2. Find the staff member in the list, click the gear icon next to their name and choose Staff Pages.

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