Can I center or right justify the text?

Centering or justifying text is not available in the Foxbright editor to encourage best practices for web formatting. 

The goal of web formatting is to allow the eye to rapidly and efficiently scan the page and retrieve the key pieces of information. This scanning process is more efficient with clean, left justified text, as opposed to the jagged line produced by centering and right aligning. 

For more information, please refer to: 

Web Style Guide

UX Movement

How do I clear my cache?

What is a cache & why do I need to clear it?

Browsers automatically keep a copy of the website files from recently visited websites. This makes browsing the internet faster because the browser won't need to re-download the files when visiting a website again within a short time-frame. If images or files have recently been updated on a website, the old files may still be referenced if the visitor has recently been to the website. This often confuses website editors who view the site after making a change and don't see the changes. Clearing the browser cache will ensure you are viewing the most up-to-date date on your website. The cache may also need to be cleared if Foxbright has recently pushed up a style or system update and the changes aren't visible. 

Cache only affects the individual visitor of the website. If a new visitor comes to a website after someone else makes a change, they will see the most recent data unless they had visited the site directly prior to the change. 

Edge, Chrome, Firefox

Using the key combination of: Ctrl + Shift + Delete (PC) or Shift + Command + Delete (Mac) will open the clear browsing history for most browsers.  (Please note that this is different than Ctrl + Alt + Delete which is used to reset your computer!). Only the Cache, or Cached Images and Files needs to be selected and cleared. 
Once the Cache has been cleared, be sure to refresh the page if currently viewing the website!


Click the Develop menu in the toolbar found in the top left corner of an Apple computer and choose Empty Caches. If the Develop menu isn't visible, activate it with the following steps:
  1. Click the Safari tab in the toolbar select Preferences.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. Check the box to Show Develop menu in menu bar
  4. Choose Empty Caches under the Develop menu. 
Alternatively, in the Preferences menu under the Privacy tab the Manage Website Data button will allow clearing cache's for specific websites.