File Search Content Block

File Search Content Block

The new 'File Search' block allows displaying a search-able list of files in chosen folders. File Search can help visitors find and download important forms and files quickly. File can be sorted by name or date and have a variety of display options.
This feature is available in Foxbright CMS Release - Cheddar


Using File Search

  1. While editing a page, add a block and choose 'File Search' from available block types.
  2. Use the File Search properties to customize the search function and file list.

Search Options

  • Show Text Filter - Provides a field to search for files by keywords
  • Show Date Range Filter - Provides a field to search for files by date
  • Allowed Folders - Determines which folder's files will be displayed

Display Options

  • Show Name - Displays the file name
  • Show Description - Displays the file description
  • Show Size - Displays the size of the file
  • Show Last Modified Date - Displays the date the file was last modified or uploaded
  • Show Image Preview - Displays a thumbnail of the file if the file is an image
  • Show File Folder - Displays the file's folder location
  • File Layout Option - When the file is an image, determines if the files details are wrap or stack with the image thumbnail
  • Search layout Style - Determines if the search fields are displayed above the file list or to the side.

Paging Options

  • Files Per Page - Determines the number of files displayed per page of the file list
  • Sort by - Determines if the files are sorted by name or modified date
  • Navigation Pager Options - Allows pager options to be shown or hidden.
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